Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Archie and the Coconut

We found a book at the library at the beginning of Winter Break called "Archie and the Pirates." While my boys are not pirate obsessed, we are pirate interested. Throw in a monkey called Archie and we're golden. Boy #2 has been obsessed with coconuts for a long time. The plan now is for a birthday party featuring Archie and a whole lot of coconut products. I broke down yesterday (the last day of a nearly three week Winter Break) and bought the boys a coconut. Here's our adventure.

Use a screwdriver and hammer to open the holes; be sure to wiggle the coconut meat out of the way.  
Lots of coconut water: two glasses full! 

They love this!

Put the drained coconut in a bag and smash it against the ground. 

Coconut should break fairly easily into chunks. 

Give the chunks another smack on the ground.

Cut flesh away from the shell. Not hard to do. 

A lifetime's supply of coconut. 


  1. Awesome!! I love doing this with kids! I once had a kindergartener insist on planting a coconut when we planted seeds! Hilarious!

  2. Unfortunately we've gotten a couple rotten ones before, not fun!